The Uninsured Fund is generated by payment from Medicaid for those students in APS who have Medicaid benefits and receive services from school nurses, health paraprofessionals, speech therapists, occupational and physical therapists, social workers, psychologists and orientation/mobility specialists.  It is used to assist children who have no health insurance and whose family has a financial need.  Uses include, but are not limited to:

  • 10 mental health sessions through mental health providers in the Aurora Community.
  • Cost of prescriptions for one time only.
  • Visit to a health care provider for an acute health care problem at MCPN or Rocky Mountain Youth Van.
  • A VSP voucher for an eye exam, lenses and frames.
  • Vision care through various providers in the Aurora Community.  
  • Dental care through Health Smile Dental Clinic.

When referring a child, please consult with other staff in the school that are working with the student, and make sure that you have the permission of parents.  (Written permission is needed for a mental health referral).  Also, please have the parent sign or give verbal permission for a referral to the Health Insurance Outreach staff to help the family complete an application for Child Health Plan + or Medicaid.

You can find the referral forms for the Uninsured Fund on the Medicaid web site.